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Kim Stallwood

An independent scholar, author and advisor on the moral and legal status of animals. More than 35 years of personal commitment and professional experience in leadership positions with some of the world’s foremost animal welfare/rights organisations in the UK and US. Internationally recognised as an authority on the animal welfare/rights movement. Became a vegetarian in 1974 after working in a chicken slaughterhouse. Vegan since 1976. Holds dual citizenship in the UK and US.


  • Track record in international projects to improve the moral and legal status for animals in public policy by acting as a bridge between advocates and academics
  • Responsible for implementing creative and innovative approaches to strategies in programs, communications, fundraising and management
  • Proven ability to analyse problems and implement successful programs and solutions, including hands-on as needed
  • Substantial working experience with boards of directors, staff, volunteers, supporters, advocates, high donors, institutional funders, celebrities, scholars, journalists and elected representatives
  • Excellent communication skills, including presentations, writing and editing, and social media, including Web sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Employment History



Alley Cat Allies, Bethesda, MD, USA; 2015

The Evolution of the Cat RevolutionConsultant. Reports to President and Founder. Editor, The Evolution of the Cat Revolution.

League Against Cruel Sports, Godalming, Surrey, UK; 2012

Consultant. Reports to CEO. Advisor on matters related to international campaigns.

Centre for Animals and Social Justice, Sheffield, UK; 2010

Co-founder. Volunteer consultant.

  • Convened a group of advocates and scholars who went onto establish the IASJ at a launch seminar at the London School of Economics, a public policy think tank whose mission is to embed animal protection as a core policy goal of government

Minding Animals International, Newcastle, Australia; 2010-Present

Chief Executive. Reports Board of Directors (ex officio member). Volunteer consultant.

  • Works with the board of directors to direct international organisation dedicated to advancing the trans-disciplinary field of Animal Studies to be more responsive to the protection of animals
  • Member of Steering Committees for MAI 2 (MAC2) conference at the University of Utrecht and MAI 3 (MAC3) conference in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, an international conference for advocates, policy makers and academics in the humanities and social sciences

Compassion In World Farming, Godalming, Surrey UK; 2009-Present

Editor, A Compassionate World, the Personal Blog of Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive. 2013-present

Editorial Advisor. Reports to CEO. Consultant. 2009-2012

  • Advisor on matters related to editorial content used in various media, including blogs, book reviews, interviews, etc. for publication on A Compassionate World blog by CIWF CEO

Independent scholar and author, Hastings, East Sussex UK; 2007-Present

Animals and Society Institute, Ann Arbor MI, USA; 2007-Present

European Director. Reports to Executive Director and Managing Director. Consultant.

  • Advises on program development, fundraising and organisational management, with special emphasis on high donor relationships

UNITED STATES 1987 – 2007

Animals and Society Institute, Baltimore, MD USA; 2005-2007

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director. Reported to the Board of Directors. Full-time employee.

Institute for Animals and Society, Baltimore MD USA; 2002-2005

Executive Director. Reported to the Board of Directors. Full-time employee.


  • Responsible for programs, publications (e.g., policy papers, experts guide), communications, website, management, public speaking and fundraising (annual budget $250-300k)


  • In 2005 co-founded the Animals and Society Institute by merging the Institute for Animals and Society with the Society and Animals Forum
  • In 2002 reinvented The Animals’ Agenda magazine and its not-for-profit publisher, Animal Rights Network, into the Institute for Animals and Society
  • Largest single gift solicited was $75,000, a three-year pledge of $25,000 annually
  • Created The Animals’ Platform, a national campaign to make animal welfare a mainstream political issue, which was based on involvement with the British general election of 1979 and 1983 and the “Putting Animals into Politics” campaigns
  • Co-produced with Professor Tom Regan and the Culture and Animals Foundation the International Compassionate Living Festival 2004-2008, with such speakers as Marc Bekoff, John Mackey, Jeffrey Masson, Miyun Park and Jill Robinson
  • Consultant and co-instructor, Community College of Baltimore County, in the design and content of two three-credit classes on campus and online in “Animals and Society”

Animal Rights Network and The Animals’ Agenda, Baltimore, MD USA; 1993–2002

Executive Director of the Animal Rights Network, Inc. and Editor in Chief of The Animals’ Agenda magazine which it published. Reported to the Board of Directors. Full-time employee.


  • Developed long-term strategy and general management with responsibility for budgets (annual budget $350-650k), program implementation and fundraising, including direct mail, major gifts, grantsmanship, and special events
  • Creative direction of The Animals’ Agenda and related programs
  • Relationship management with academics, independent experts and colleagues in like-minded organisations throughout the world
  • Public speaking and media representative
  • Corporate identity, promotional and marketing activities, Web site, etc.
  • Meet the needs of readers with special projects (e.g., annual supplement Directory of Organisations)

This is a collection of investigative reports I published in The Animals’ Agenda.


  • Resurrected The Animals’ Agenda from long-term decline to a respected publication while staying in publication for nine years notwithstanding minimal operational budget
  • Repositioned The Animals’ Agenda to serve its mission to foster cooperation among a combined audience of animal advocates, academics, interested individuals and the public
  • Published news, investigative reports, commentary and analysis written by advocates, scholars, attorneys, scientists, artists (e.g., Wayne Pacelle, Marc Bekoff, Jill Robinson, Carol J. Adams)
  • Wrote editorials and articles, commissioned authors, conducted interviews (e.g., Paul McCartney, Peter Singer)
  • Recognised twice by Project Censored (a media research group at Sonoma State University) as having published one of the top 25 “censored” (under-covered) news stories
  • Edited two anthologies of articles (Speaking Out for Animals with a foreword by Jane Goodall and A Primer on Animal Rights with a foreword by Jeremy Rifkin) and a Directory of Organisations, which included information on more than 1,200 organisations worldwide
  • Wrote chapters for publication in three text books
  • Relaunched Friends of The Animals’ Agenda thereby increasing annual donations from $85,000 in 1993 to $230,063 in 2000
  • Developed a more cohesive and effective approach to creating social change by cultivating relationships with subscribers and donors, together with public speaking at local and national organisations
  • Led a group of fourteen animal defenders from ten states on a week-long Animal Rights View of England tour, including visits to London, four other cities, the Houses of Parliament and animal welfare groups, including Compassion In World Farming
  • Summit for the Animals: The Animal Rights Network (ARN) was selected by the presidents and executive directors of the leading US national organisations to be the administrator for the Summit for the Animals, an annual meeting of more than 35 groups
  • Established the ARN Collection, an archive on the moral and legal status of animals, which was repository of information and history with more than 12,600 books, journals, magazines, and other materials catalogued onto a bibliographic database
  • The ARN Collection received the largest multi-year grants secured ($134,000 and $139,000)
  • Negotiated the sale of the ARN Collection to the Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive at North Carolina State University

Consultant, Baltimore, MD USA; 1992–1994




  • Client organisations re-evaluated their mission, strategy and programs and implemented changes to make improvements to their effectiveness (e.g., PCRM repositioned itself from the “doctor’s anti-vivisection organisation” to health advocacy think tank which promoted healthy well-being while challenging the assumptions of vivisection-based health care

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Washington, DC; 1987–1992

Executive Director. Reported to co-founders. Full-time employee.


  • Organisational management, program implementation and fundraising activities, including instituting management structure, procedures for written monthly reports, weekly planning meetings, and biannual retreats
  • Overseeing the transformation of the organisation during a period of rapid growth
  • Working closely with the Development Director on the organisation’s social events, membership development and high donor programs, including direct mail, one-on-one solicitation, grant applications, celebrity cultivation, 10th Anniversary Membership Party, and Humanitarian Awards Galas
  • Reorganisation of financial management, including the creation of a new, computerised accounting system, financial reports, and 20 departmental budgets


  • Increased annual budget of $3.5 million in 1987 to $10.5 million in 1991
  • Managed growth in full-time staff from 35 to 85
  • Membership increased from 200,000 in 1987 to 350,000 in 1991
  • Relocated organisation twice
  • Transformed organisational management to enable the organisation to grow from a grassroots group with national presence to an internationally respected and innovative organisation
  • Directed the implementation of a corporate identity program for the organisation’s publications (magazine-style guide, shopping guides, flyers, posters, video covers, exhibition materials, etc.); house journal PETA News; and special publications (PETA Guide to Compassionate Living, Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers, 10th Anniversary Humanitarian Awards Gala Program, etc.)
  • Redesigned and relaunched existing merchandise mail order program with the PETA Catalog for Cruelty-Free Living, a 32-page catalog featuring Paul and Linda McCartney on the front cover, which increased annual gross income from $225,000 with a net loss of $50,000 to $1.35 million with net income of $240,000 in 1-2 year period

UNITED KINGDOM 1976 – 1986

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London; 1978-1986

Acting General Secretary (1986). Reported to the Executive Committee. Campaigns Officer (1981 – 1985). Reported to the Office Manager. Office Assistant (1978 – 1981). Reported to General Secretary. Full-time employee.


  • Directed the implementation of a corporate image program for the organisation’s public education materials including flyers, posters, brochures, merchandise, exhibitions, etc.; and co-edited Liberator, BUAV bimonthly campaigning newspaper
  • Secretary to the Mobilisation for Laboratory Animals, a coalition of four national anti-vivisection organisations, which led the Opposition to the British Government’s Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986


  • Played a pivotal role in transforming BUAV into a vigorous and innovative group, which positioned animal research as an issue of public concern and a mainstream political issue
  • Lobby of Parliament for the Mobilisation for Animals which was attended by 700 people and a rally, chaired by myself, with sympathetic Members of Parliament of all political parties, Lords, and others
  • Six national demonstrations, including one in London’s Trafalgar Square with 9,000 people, 600 of whom participated in street theatre
  • Directed programs which included organising annual national meetings of local volunteers; speaking to local groups throughout the UK
  • Worked with the London Borough of Islington in their adoption of the country’s first local authority Animals’ Charter

Compassion In World Farming, Petersfield, Hampshire UK; 1976–1978

National Organiser. Reported to founder. Full-time employee


  • National campaigns against factory farming


  • Established a nationwide network of local groups
  • Organised campaigns and activities including tabling, demonstrations, and public speaking
  • Assisted with the production of bimonthly newsletter Ag Scene


Author, Animal Dharma: Key Values in our Relationship with Animals (forthcoming)

Author, The Animal Rights Challenge: Moral Crusade or Political Movement? (forthcoming)

Co-Editor, Teaching About Animals and Society: A Collection of Syllabi, Projects, Assignments, Web Sites, Articles and Bibliographies (Washington, DC: American Sociological Association, 2005)

Author, “A Personal Overview of Direct Action in the United Kingdom and the United States” in Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? – Reflections on the Liberation of Animals edited by Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella (New York: Lantern, 2003)

Editor, The Animals’ Agenda Directory of Organisations 2002-2003 (New York: Lantern Books, 2002)

Editor, A Primer on Animal Rights: Leading Experts Write About Animal Cruelty and Exploitation (New York: Lantern Books, 2002). Foreword by Jeremy Rifkin.

Speaking Out for Animals explores animal rights through the actions of others.

Editor, Speaking Out for Animals: True Stories About Real Pole Who Rescue Animals (New York: Lantern Books, 2001) Foreword by Jane Goodall.

Author, “Utopian Visions and Pragmatic Politics: Challenging the Foundations of Speciesism and Misothery” in Animal Rights: the Changing Debate edited by Robert Garner (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1996)

Author, “The Animal Rights Movement Must Be Politically Pragmatic” in Animal Rights Opposing Viewpoints edited by Andrew Harnack (San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1996)

Editor in Chief, The Animals’ Agenda (Baltimore: 1993 – 2002)

Profiled in “They Clearly Now See the Link: Militant Voices” by Philip Windeatt in In Defense of Animals edited by Peter Singer (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1985)

Volunteer Community Organising

IT Skills and Experience

  • More than 15 years experience with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • User of MacBook Pro and following software: Pages, Numbers, iCal, Mail, iPhoto, Keynote
  • Also use MindNode, Scrivener, Evernote, Things, Skype and WordPress

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