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Kim Stallwood




Satya The Long View

2016-Joined the Vegan Society’s Advisory Group and its Policy Committee

2016-Presented my paper, ‘Topsy, An Elephant We Must Never Forget,’ at the Animal Biographies conference in Kassel, Germany

2016-My article, For All Regardless of Species, included in the special issue of Satya: The Long View–A reflection on over two decades of activism and where we go from here

2015-2016-Consultant, Alley Cat Allies

2015-Invited by Vegfest to produce and chair Vegan Visions, six consecutive workshops with international experts, at the Glasgow Vegfest

2015-Editor, The Evolution of the Cat Revolution, by Becky Robinson, President and Founder, Alley Cat Allies

2015-Invited by Vegfest to produce and chair Vegan Visions, three consecutive workshops with international experts, at the London Vegfest

The Evolution of the Cat Revolution2015-Speaker at the international conference on Brigid Brophy at the University of Northants

2015-Peace News publishes a review of Growl, which says its an ‘excellent resource for any nonviolent campaigner’

2015-The Vegan Society publishes, ‘Memoirs of a vegan animal rights activist,’ in its magazine, The Vegan

2015-Brian May invited me to write an article, “Common Decency and Animal Welfare,” for publication on the Common Decency website he founded

2015-My paper, ‘Animal Rights and Public Policy: From Moral Crusade to Social Justice’, included in Animals and the Law, the first anthology in Spanish on animal law

2015-Keynote speaker at Eurogroup for Animals AGM in Brussels

2015-Presented a specially adapted version of my talk, Animal Liberation: Moral Crusade or Political Movement, to the Animal Liberation, 40 Years On International Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Rennes, France, which celebrated the publication of Peter Singer’s book

2015-Consultant to Alley Cat Allies on their anniversary project

2015-At the Brighton Vegfest I led a workshop on Animal Rights and made the opening remarks at a special Party Political Conference where politicians from the UK’s major political parties presented manifestos on health, environment and food sustainability, and animal welfare

2015-Member of Steering Committee as MAI Chief Executive, Minding Animals 3 Conference (MAC3) in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

2015-Presented my paper, ‘Topsy, An Elephant We Must Never Forget,’ at  MAC3

2014-Conducted research to acquire data for the first report on commercial dog racing in Great Greyhound UK ReportBritain from a humane perspective, The State of Greyhound Racing in Great Britain, published by GREY2K USA WORLDWIDE and League Against Cruel Sports

2014-Presented Growl at a reception to GREY2K USA Worldwide at their headquarters in Arlington, MA November 17.

2014-Presented Growl at the monthly meeting of the Boston Vegetarian Society November 16.

2014-Presented Growl at a public meeting hosted by the Maine Animal Coalition November 15.

2014-Interviewed by Our Hen House and published in their audio program, Episode 253

2014-Presented Growl to the staff and guests of the ASPCA’s Government Relations Department in Washington DC November 14.

2014-Presented Growl at a public meeting hosted by Alley Cat Allies at the Washington Humane Society‘s Behavior and Learning Centre November 13.

2014-Presented Growl to Alley Cat Allies and their trustees, staff and guests at their headquarters in Bethesda, MD November 13.

2014-Spoke about Growl at the vegetarian, radical bookstore Red Emma’s in Baltimore November 12.

2014-Spoke about Growl at the vegan coffeehouse Grindcore House in Philadelphia hosted by The Humane League November 10.

2014-Spoke about Growl at the launch party for the anthology Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth edited by Carol Adams and Lori Gruen (Bloomsbury), which includes a piece by me, at Blue Stockings bookstore in New York City November 6.

2014-Discussed Growl in an interview with Caryn Hartglass of Responsible Eating and Living Radio podcast on November 6.

2014-Presented Growl to two Ethics in the Workplace classes taught by Professor Len Mitchell at Pace University November 4-5.

2014-Presented Growl to Professor David Cassuto’s Animal Law class at Pace Law School November 4.

2014-Presented ‘The Animal Rights Challenge’ at New York University at a public lecture hosted by NYU’s Animal Studies Initiative October 30

2014-The inaugural conference for the Centre for Human Animal Studies at Edge Hill University hosted a public book launch for Growl in Liverpool at the Quaker Meeting House October 24

2014-Humane Research Council publish a guest blog, ‘We are the Problem and the Solution’ October 20

2014-Presented Growl at Humanities in Public festival at Manchester Metropolitan University October 6

Humanities in Public – Animal Worlds from Helen Darby on Vimeo.

2014-Q & A with Kim Stallwood related to his talk for Manchester Met Uni Humanities in Public Festival October 6

2014-Growl referred and quoted in TIME Special edition on ‘The Animal Mind’

2014-Guest on the Main Street Vegan Radio Show with Victoria Moran September 24

2014-Growl reading at Book Buster in Hastings September 20

2014-The Animal Book Club of the Animal Legal Defence Fund says Growl ‘investigates animal rights in practical terms and philosophical measure.’ September 18

2014-‘Author pens book as voice against cruelty’ Hastings Observer September 12

2014-Presented Growl at International Animal Rights Conference, Luxembourg

2014-My paper, On Recognizing Interconnections, included in Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth edited by Carol J. Adams and Lori Gruen (Bloomsbury)

2014-In his syndicated newspaper column, Dr Michael W Fox says Growl ‘stands out as an eloquent testimony to personal transformation and provides a scholarly and illuminating history of the animal rights movement in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.’ August 11

2014-Presented Growl at the London Vegan Festival

2014-Professor Marita Giménez-Candela, Director, Master in Animal Law and Society, adds Growl to the recommended reading list for the Graduate Course ‘Law and Animal Welfare’ and Master Program ‘Animal Law and Society’ at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona August 5

2014-Indiegogo campaign raises for Growl book tour and promotion

2014-Presented my paper, ‘Topsy, An Elephant We Must Never Forget,’ at the Reading Animals Conference, School of English, University of Sheffield

2014-‘Kim Stallwood: Helping People Help Animals’ interview with Mark Hawthorne

2014-‘Growl’: four decades as an animal advocate by Zelly Restorick in Hastings Online Times

2014-Growl Book Launch by Hilda Kean July 15

2014-Humane Research Council recommends Growl in its Summer Reading List July 12

2014- Book review by Rachel Curit of the VegFund July 10

2014-Growl Launch Party at Moose’s Kitchen in St Leonards on Sea July 4

My chapter, 'Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?' is in included in the Critical Animal Studies anthology edited by John Sorenson (Canadian Scholars' Press Inc.).

My chapter, ‘Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?’ is in included in the Critical Animal Studies anthology edited by John Sorenson (Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc.).

2014-My paper, Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?, in Critical Animal Studies edited by John Sorenson (Canadian Scholars’ Press)

2014-Growl: Life Lessons, Hard Truths, and Bold Strategies from an Animal Advocate published by Lantern Books

2014-Presented Growl at VegFest, Bristol, U.K.

2014-Interviewed by Caryn Hartglass, Responsible Eating and Living on Progressive Radio Network

2014-Advisory Board, Centre for Human Animal Studies, Edge Hill University, U.K.

2014-Brian May’s Soapbox promotes Growl June 11

2014-Presented my paper, Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?, at The Politics of Species Conference organised by the Animal Ethics Society at the University of Warwick.

2013 Growl featured in Vine Sanctuary News

2013-Presentation Animal Witness at London VegFest.

2013-Presented my paper, Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?, at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. This paper was originally published as The Politics of Animal Rights Advocacy in the journal, RelationsThis talk is available to watch on YouTube.

2013-Interview with Roger Yates on Human-Nonhuman Relations podcast

2013-My paper, The Politics of Animal Rights Advocacy, is published in the journal, Relations–Beyond Anthropocentrism (Vol 1, No 1), which I also served on as a Guest Editor

2013-Consultant, GREY2K USA

2013-Editor and Project Manager, A Compassionate World, the Personal Blog of Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive of Compassion In World Farming

2012-Led a workshop, USA/UK: Who is Making Progress and Why?, at the Annual Conference of the Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare

2012-Presented paper, What Does It Mean to Care Deeply About Animals?, in the Speaker Series organised by the Animals and Society Institute and Michigan Humane Society

2012-Informal Q&A with the University of Michigan Student Animals and Society Institute and Michigan Animal Rights Society at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor

2012-Spoke with Dr. Francine Dolins’s Animal Behaviour class at the University of Michigan Dearborn.

2012-Presented paper, The Influence of Ecofeminism on my Animal Rights Practice’ at Finding a Niche for All Animals: A Conference Honouring the Ecofeminist Work of Marti Kheel at Wesleyan University, Connecticut.

2012-Presented paper, ‘Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?’ at MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory at the University of Manchester.

2012: Consultant to CEO, League Against Cruel Sports, on matters related to international campaigns.

2012-‘Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement?’ paper presented at Minding Animals International 2 at the University of Utrecht

2012-Spoke at the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Satellite Event preceding Minding Animals International

2012-Edited version of my paper, ‘Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement?’, in the Summer 2012 edition of The Ark, published by the Catholic Concern for Animals

2012-‘Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement?’ paper peresented at The Emotional Lives of Animals, Genoa University, Italy

2012-‘Brit Pack’ Podcast 32 recorded on February 28 with Animal Rights Zone

2012-‘Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement?‘ paper presented at Critical Perspectives on Animals in Society, University of Exeter

2012-Podcast 29 recorded on January 10 (two hour interview) with Animal Rights Zone

2011-‘No Substitute for the Law‘ article in the Journal of Animal Welfare Law (Autumn/Winter 2011) published by the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare

2011-Interviewed by Our Hen House and published in their audio program, Episode 97

2011-‘Animal Rights and Public Policy‘ paper at Animals & the Law conference, Autonomous University Barcelona

2011-“Vegans Find a Space” article published on Hastings Online Times

2010-Present: Deputy CEO, Minding Animals International (volunteer)

2010-Present: Member of the Steering Committee, Minding Animals 2: Utrecht 2012 (volunteer)

2010-Present: Co-Founder, Centre for Animals and Social Justice, Sheffield (volunteer)

2010-2013: Committee member, Hastings Old Town Residents Association, Hastings, UK (volunteer)

2010: Kim Stallwood Web site launched

2010: Animals Have Rights Too! article published in Southasia magazine

2010: Interview with Animal Rights Zone

2009-2012: Editorial Advisor to the CEO, Compassion In World Farming, Godalming UK

2007-Wrote narrative that went with the art by Sue Coe about Topsy, An Elephant Never Forgets, which was published in Blab! Vol. 18 (Fantagraphics Books, 2007)

2007-Present: Independent scholar, author and advisor, Hastings, UK

2007-Present: European Director, Animals and Society Institute, Hastings, UK

2007: Recognised in a Resolution from the City Council of Baltimore for “Outstanding Leadership and Commitment to the Canton Community”

2007: Relocated to the UK

2006: Grumpy Vegan Web site launched

2005-2007: Co-Executive Director, Animals and Society Institute, Baltimore USA

2005: Co-Editor, Teaching About Animals and Society: A Collection of Syllabi, Projects, Assignments, Web Sites, Articles and Bibliographies (Washington, DC: American Sociological Association)

2002-2003: Consultant and co-instructor, Community College of Baltimore County

2002-2005: Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Animals and Society

2002: Editor, The Animals’ Agenda Directory of Organisations 2002-2003 (New York: Lantern Books)

2002: Editor, A Primer on Animal Rights: Leading Experts Write About Animal Cruelty and Exploitation (New York: Lantern Books)

2001: Editor, Speaking Out for Animals: True Stories About Real Pole Who Rescue Animals (New York: Lantern Books)

2001-2003: Founding President, Canton Community Association, Baltimore, USA (volunteer)

1997-1998: Chair, Summit for the Animals (volunteer)

1996-1999: Executive Committee, Summit for the Animals (volunteer)

1996: Author, “Utopian Visions and Pragmatic Politics: Challenging the Foundations of Speciesism and Misothery” in Animal Rights: the Changing Debate edited by Robert Garner (Basingstoke: Macmillan)

1994-1996: Goucher College Center for Continuing Studies Professional, Certificate in Fund Raising Management

1998 circa: Interview in Satya magazine

1993-2002: Editor in Chief, The Animals’ Agenda, Baltimore, USA

1993-2002: Executive Director, Animal Rights Network Inc, Baltimore, USA

1992-1994: Consultant to Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation, Boston (1993-1994); New England Anti-Vivisection Society, Boston (1993-1994); Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, DC (1992-1993); The Vegetarian Resource Group, Baltimore (1992) USA

1990: ‘Animal Liberators’ book review in American Scientist (January-February; 54)

1987-1992: Executive Director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Washington, DC

1987: Relocated to the USA

1986: Acting General Secretary, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London

1985: Profiled in “They Clearly Now See the Link: Militant Voices” by Philip Windeatt inIn Defense of Animals edited by Peter Singer (Oxford: Basil Blackwell)

1984: National Council Member, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (volunteer)

1983-1984: Chair, The National Council, The Vegan Society UK (volunteer)

1982-1984: Member of the National Council, The Vegan Society UK (volunteer)

1981-1985: Campaigns Officer, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London

1981: Made two further visits to the United States to speak at vegetarian and animal rights conferences

1980: Made first visit to the United States

1978-1980: Office Assistant, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London

1978-1984: Cofounder and Chair, Coordinating Animal Welfare, Camberley, Surrey UK (volunteer)

1976-1978: National Organiser, Compassion In World Farming, Petersfield, Hampshire UK

1976: Became a vegan

1974: Became a vegetarian after working in a chicken slaughterhouse


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  1. Kathryn Summersell nee Appleford
    November 2nd, 2012 at 22:47 | #1

    Hi Kim. Saw your name on the web and thought this cannot be the Kim I used to be friends with as a young girl in Lorraine Road !! I remember my mum making me go to your house when Wendy had mumps hoping that I would get it too … I didn’t, but I seem to remember you looking swollen on one side. Haha. Looked at the photo’s in the time line and couldn’t believe it really is you. I am so impressed at all you have done and achieved and so amazed that from Old Dean you have travelled and worked so hard to promote animal welfare. Well done x I just couldn’t pass this site without leaving this message for you.

  2. November 5th, 2012 at 11:48 | #2

    Kathryn: Many thanks for your message. Congratulations on your childhood memories. I only wish mine were as good as you can recall them! Did you know that our home and others alongside them were demolished and replaced? The road itself has also changed. Kim

  3. Kathryn Summersell nee Appleford
    November 30th, 2012 at 10:23 | #3

    Kim: Yes, I heard that they were going to demolish the bungalows and rebuild the area. I think they’ve put in some flats (you can get more people homed that way). It’s a shame they have taken more of the woodland too.
    I live in Fleet so not so many miles away from Camberley!! Next year though we are going to Italy to live for 11 months. So looking forward to that.
    Thanks for your reply.