Animals’ Agenda Anthologies

July 27th, 2014

I edited two anthologies of articles from The Animals’ Agenda magazine:

SpeakingSpeaking Out for Animals: True Stories About Real People Who Rescue Animals

From the introduction by Jane Goodall

Kim W. Stallwood, in gathering together stories of determination and courage, stories emphasizing the power of individual action, has produced a book that will have an important impact on those who read it. The voices of the animal advocates speak from every page: some quietly, some with resonant shouts, together encouraging all who care about animal suffering to work even harder to effect change.

This anthology is an introduction to our complex relationship with animals seen through the hearts and minds of such heroic and iconic individuals as Paul McCartney, Anita Roddick, Maneka Gandhi, and Jeffrey Masson. There is also “Happy Endings,” which is a heartwarming collection of stories of rescued animals and “Unsung Heroes,” which are profiles of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for animals.

PrimerA Primer on Animal Rights: Leading Experts Write About Animal Cruelty and Exploitation

From the introduction by Jeremy Rifkin

A Primer on Animal Rights is a learning tool for helping all of us find our connections to our fellow creatures and to champion their journey. To live fully and to live well is to be an empathetic soul. By sharing their own experience as animal rights activists, the contributors to this book both inspire and encourage the rest of us in our quest to extend the golden rule to our fellow travelers, the many animals who share this moment on earth with us.

The book contains work by some of the world’s leading authorities, including Gene Bauston (Farm Sanctuary), Marc Bekoff (Minding Animals), Karen Davis (United Poultry Concerns), Pat Derby (Performing Animal Welfare Society), Mike Markarian (HSUS), Jim Mason (An Unnatural Order), Wayne Pacelle (HSUS), Norm Phelps (The Longest Struggle), Jill Robinson, Animals Asia Foundation, and Richard Schwartz (Judaism and Vegetarianism).

Royalties from these anthologies are donated to the Animals and Society Institute.

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